Intranet Platform


Having an Intranet is the cornerstone of well-organized business community. Whether you're just getting started or are a large, multinational corporation, creating an online space is vital to increase collaboration and communication across the organization and among the employees. With Rowboat Software, seamlessly configure, personalize and implement an Intranet Platform that is an extension of your company’s culture.


Rowboat Software brings you a comprehensive and integrated Custom Intranet Platform with sophisticated tools to meet your business needs. From an integrated task management system with all corporate and departmental approval workflows to robust reporting and analytics, the Rowboat Software Custom Intranet is a singular solution perfectly matched to your unique workplace.

The Rowboat Intranet Platform is modularly designed which expedites your time to product launch. We provide everything you need to accelerate the personalization of your online workplace today and grow with your company’s culture into the future.

Are you locked into a platform that is incapable of keeping up with the growth and culture of your organization?

If so, which pre-built or off-the-shelf intranet are you using today?

Are you ready for the freedom and flexibility of an intranet platform that meets the ever-changing demands of your organization?

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