SEO Task Manager


Effective search marketing strategies are complex. They require an agile project management solution, one that is nimble and designed for speed and accuracy. There are a high volume of tasks to be done and different teams impacted by every SEO action. Do you have SEO task management under control?

Keep SEO activities organized and meaningful with SEO Task Manager. Built by search optimization experts, the comprehensive SEO management platform is designed to meet and exceed goals while avoiding costly SEO gaps.

  • In SEO, the order matters.

    Prioritization tools keep your team on the right track and help to avoid costly mistakes in SEO implementation.

  • Standardized SEO processes save time and money.

    Create custom SEO checklists for optimizing new content. Segment content by author, category or page.

  • SEO requires regular maintenance.

    Set recurring tasks and reminders to review keyword rank, content optimization and more.


With the SEO Task Manager, teams and stakeholders can seamlessly manage and monitor large SEO projects alongside daily SEO tasks. Flexible SEO checklists and custom workflows work within your existing processes.

With SEO Task Manager, easily:

  • Assign tasks and subtasks to a group or individual

  • Set SEO milestones/goals and attach tasks

  • Organize SEO tasks by channel (on page, off page, etc)

  • Monitor progress and flag events

  • Collaborate on SEO activities with inline messaging on tasks

The SEO Task Manager module also works in tandem with our full suite of SEO tools. Grow your web presence and manage your online marketing strategy in one platform.

  • Analytics Dashboard. An aggregate of your search and social data in one location. Create custom views and reports with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

  • Competition Study. Track competitor search and social movements. Segment competitors and set custom notifications.

  • Event-Based Triggers. Create event-based rules to automate task assignments and notifications.

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